30 March 2012

...root x designlovefest...

...check out my column collaboration "patternfest" going on today over at designlovefest, hopefully it's there to stay! Cheers to friday & have a lovely weekend! x mvg

...thakoon spring12...

...obsessed with the prints & surfer chic vibe from thakoon & thakoon addition spring12...so fun, right?  {images via thakoon & oracle fox}

29 March 2012

...lets go...

...I could use a little primitive getaway right now...no internet, no phone, just me & my man...the blue atelier is in trancoso, a quiet fishing village on the coast of brazil.  The small beach cabana has been modeled after the traditional fisherman's huts of bahi with a rustic & artistic vibe inside...how rad is this place? can we go now, please?!?! {images via designtripper & boutique-homes}

27 March 2012

...sneak peek...

...it has been a while since I've shared a sneak peek of what i've been working on lately...I have a show I'm participating in, in May, Les Martines (flyer below), here in France, where I'll be selling prints of my artwork & surface patterns (above) so I've been busy busy getting ready for that!  Also,  I've started selling on society6, I'm just testing it out so I only have 1 print for sale right now, but possibly more to come soon if I decided I like it (still on the fence of whether I like the idea of having my work mass produced for things like iPhones- I'm such a hippy at heart, ha!)

...a few other graphic & surface pattern projects I have yet to share about- just waiting until all is confirmed & the dust settles, but exciting-exciting so stay in the loop! x

...get to work...

...sometimes it's extremely hard working from home...today is one of those days...there just seems to be endless other things to get done around the house mixed in with an email here, a blog post there, some art &  a load of laundry...ha!  I've become good at multi-tasking but sometimes shifting gears so quickly makes you lose your creative focus...here are a couple lust worthy home offices...my office/studio is currently in the garage & is by no means picture worthy yet, but I promise to share once it's up to blogging standards...x mvg {images via sfgirlbybay & design sponge}

26 March 2012

...flea market finds: quintaou...

...we hit up the quintaou flea market this weekend in anglet & managed to walk away empty handed- I think mostly because it was super gorgeous out & my husband & I were eager to get in the ocean for our 1st surf of the season....but I did spot some gems along the way.  Here's where you can score some of your own....

# un (my friend Lina picked up a few of these & is planning on making them into outdoor throw pillow covers) #deux#trois....Hope your weekend was filled with good wine & good company!


{image via here}

23 March 2012

root x designlovefest

...testing out a new column over at designlovefest...hoping for it to become a permanent fixture!  {root & designlovefest collab- images via here & here} x mvg

22 March 2012


...the perfect pair for rising temps...looking forward to a tan & sporting some cream & white...

20 March 2012

...flea mkt finds: ahetz...

...I walked away with a handful of pretty great stuff this past weekend at Ahetz...one of my favorite flea markets! Happy spring flea-ing! x mvg

...festival of lights...

...NASA satellite photo over india of the festival of lights {image via design you trust}

19 March 2012

...make it - basket case...

...here's a super cool project to spice up your market basket, indoor planter, or to create a unique light fixture for your abode.

1.  Clean your basket with a mild soap & water mixture before starting to remove any dirt or dust- then let dry completely
2.  Flip your basket over & mask off the area that you do not wish to paint with masking tape & newspaper.  I suggest making this strip as wide as possible to avoid spray paint from creeping over (unless you'd like that look).
2.  Coat the exposed area with 1 layer of primer & let dry- then follow with 1 or 2 coats of your chosen color- (just be sure to wait ample time between coats) & voila- a fancy new basket...x mvg {images via free people & harpers bazaar}

15 March 2012

...just because...

I like it...living the beachy life in the south of france- surf & sun is right around the corner {print via quiksilver women for summer12 & wave image via unknown}

...I know how to cook....

...while visiting my cousins in London a few weeks ago she introduced me to the bible of all french cooking- I know how to cook, which has been the best selling cookbook in France for three generations.  It was originally written in 1932 by Ginette Mathiot & has since been translated into english for the first time.  It contains french classics for all to enjoy, & while many of us use the internet for most of our recipes these days- it's nice to go by the book every now & again.  This one is on my wish list for sure.... the french version of course {wink}.

 Amazing illustrations as well....don't you think?  My kind of spread!  I've been eyeing the almond macaron recipe...who doesn't love macarons?!?

Macarons Aux Amandes
Butter for greasing
2 3/4 cups ground almonds
3 egg whites
2 1/2 cups superfine sugar

Preparation time: 25 minutes
Cooking time: 20-25 minutes
Serves 6

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees fahrenheit & line a baking sheet with buttered parchment paper.  Put the almonds in a bowl and mix in the egg whites a little at a time.  Stir in the sugar & mix well.  Form the dough into slightly flattened balls & place on the prepared baking sheet.  Bake for 20-25 minutes, or until lightly browned.  Enjoy!!!

14 March 2012

...in the pink...

...I'm not usually much of a pink gal, but I've been really digging it lately in certain color palettes as an accent- if it's the right hue of pink I think it can work well....it's been showing up in much of my work- stay tuned..x

{1} painting by jun tsunoda
{2} necklace by holst + lee
{3} clutch by scout & catalogue
{4} painting on wood by aaron moran

13 March 2012

...make this...

...so impressed by my sister & her boyfriend's latest  project for their san francisco apartment that I had to share.  How cool is this lamp?!?!  Just get yourself a vintage camping lantern, some wood (I think you could use down dead tree limbs or even driftwood for this one), a lamp wiring kit, & a very handy boyfriend (my sisters'- h-"andy") to help you assemble & voila!  The new wave of Arco floor lamps! ha! x mvg

12 March 2012


....willem de kooning in his studio in east hampton new york {images via architectural digest & google images}

11 March 2012

...place & pattern...

...I'll eternally be a vermont girl at heart no matter where I go in this world- anything resembling a mountain peak & some bob dylan at the moment & I'm cool....I have don't think twice, it's all right- on repeat tonight...hope you had a great weekend!{images via free cabin porn & pinterest} x mvg

08 March 2012

...liberty london...

...while in london last week I visited Liberty, an iconic london shop known for their printed fabrics...what an amazing exterior, interior, & designer product assortment.  Tons of lustworthy items to adorn yourself or your home with....the store was an experience in itself...

..the home textile collection was to die for as was the collection 
of astier de villatte dish ware...

...my purchase of the day was this kelly green satchel from zatchel, love! x mvg

06 March 2012

...my gals...

...girlfriends make the world go round...sisters & slimadim-missing you!...{images via pinterest & a recent watercolor}

05 March 2012

...liv x jackson...

...spring is creeping in & I'm not sure if I'm ready to be honest...I feel like I missed winter- not enough time spent in the mountains I guess...I'm daydreaming of a trip to visit the fam in Jackson Hole.  Love these photos from a 2004 InStyle shoot of Liv Tyler in Jackson...x mvg

02 March 2012

...pastel perfect...

...hues of sorbet are popping up everywhere for spring  & I have to say I've joined the band and snatched up a pair of tangerine sorbet colored jeans...love them!  enjoy the surge of pastel inspiration- stay tuned for some posts from my london trip...x mvg
1- pastel wooden arrows from native
2-  printed scarf from zara uk
{all other images via pinterest}